26 May 2009

Let Us Count the Ways to Say... NO!

1. When mama is changing the TV channels, and goes past the ABC Kids program, shout, "NO!" until she changes back. (Then you might say, quietly in relief, "There you go.")

2. In the middle of the night. Darn it! Why did we wake up? (Oh, there's that dummy.)

3. For about twenty or thirty minutes, over and over, and for no particular reason.

4. When your big sister picks up something that you had your eye on.

5. At sleeptime, after having been read two lovely stories and had "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in a family sing-along, you have to shout, "NO!" and get off the bed as quick as a wink to let everyone know: it surely can't be time to lie down quietly yet.

6. In the bath, when it's time to wash your hair.

7. Any time you feel like it (or don't feel like it). It's a fun sound!

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