07 May 2009

Anya Turns Four

Yes, our little girl turned four yesterday and I DIDN"T TAKE ANY PICTURES. David is mighty disappointed, but I was too busy being in it! First, the night before, I made THIRTY cupcakes (staying up late, since I had to do it after circus class). Then, in the morning, we brought the cupcakes in, plus chocolate frosting and mini marshmallows. Anya carried the cake holder and was very proud to do it. I was happy that I had decided not to frost the cupcakes beforehand, because then it didn't matter that they got tumbled end over end during their journey in Anya's care. :)

On arrival at Kindercraft, we paused in the lunchroom (which always makes me smile, as it's furnished with miniature tables and chairs) and I applied the frosting while Anya placed a marshmallow on each one. She chastised me when I tried to help and didn't place the marshmallow exactly upright. She also kept Callum pacified by passing a marshmallow to him every few minutes. We had the cupcakes all on a tray, and carefully decorated the central cupcake with four candles, then paraded into Anya's room. Luckily, the various age groups had gone back to their own rooms for the second half of the morning, so we didn't have more kids than cakes.

I lit the candles, then everyone sang Happy Birthday while Anya smiled to herself with pleasure.

A few minutes later, I was sitting to one side with Callum, and I asked, "Would anyone like a ballooon?" and a whole crowd of chocolatey faces looked solemnly at me and nobody answered. Too busy eating...

I spent most of the day there (from arrival to the post-lunch naptime), which pleased Anya and Callum no end. At story time, Anya sat in the front row, and I sat in the back with Callum (who spent the whole day sitting in my lap as much as possible). Every few minutes, Anya would turn around and wave at me, and soon, all her friends were also turning and waving with her. The other kids were somewhat puzzled by my continued presence, and variously said to me, "You're still here?!"

In the evening, Anya had so many presents to open it was like her own private Christmas. Her Grandma was there, as it was the usual routine for her to come over and stay Wednesday night. Her Uncle Rob also came around with a present, and earlier, her Aunt Ann Maree had dropped a present off as well.

All in all, a pretty great birthday.

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