26 February 2009

Traffic Signal Box (TSB): finished!

TSB Side 1 (finished)

I finished most of this painting before Christmas, except the gravel around the bottom of the aquarium. This weekend, I finally found some time when the weather cooperated (not raining and not too hot) and did the last part . I also went over all the rest of the box checking for touch ups -- for example, by some incredible oversight, I had left out the white stripe next to the tail, on both clownfish. Shocking!

David is still voting for painting a black border around all the fish, but I decided not to do it, as that is a complete change of painting technique. Besides, this whole effort was done "rustically" using Anya's paintbrushes. Next time (assuming I get the chance to do this again) I think I will opt for a non-rustic approach, as I found it frustrating to have all the random feathering of edges. Maybe I will apply my t-shirt screening techniques and use a stencilling approach.

If you click on the photo here, you can go through to flickr and see all the other photos of the TSB including progress photos. You can also see my listing (with this same photo) and rate it (for the annual prize!) on the Artforce website at: http://svc189.bne146v.server-web.com/artforce/rating.asp?id=1034


  1. Nice work Elaine. I agree with you, no black outlines. Check out the new videos on my site when you have some time, I think you'll get a kick out of them.

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