20 February 2009

Jasmine Sends Us to the Dump

Anya told David this week, "When I'm queen, I'll have the power to get rid of you!" (like Princess Jasmine, in Aladdin)

"Oh? How will you do that?"

"I have a special truck that will take you to the dump!" (the way the pigs got rid of the dingrel in The Three Little Bush Pigs)

He got Anya to tell me about this while we were driving in to town, and she added, "You too, mum."

I then boo-hooed and said, "But who will take care of you -- and kiss you -- and hug you?"

She relented, and said, "I changed my mind -- not you, Dad." (So I would still be taken to the dump.)

David gloated later, "I get to stay, and you don't!"

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