12 February 2009

Bye, Bye

Our little boy has started saying, "bye, bye" this week and is very pleased with himself about it. He is also much more clearly repeating other words, but "bye, bye" is his favorite. Tonight he looked so sleepy before bedtime, but once laid down with his satin comforter, rather than settle in, he spent half an hour saying "bye, bye," then perked up when his sister came into the room. I had to take him with me for her bedtime story, then start again and listen to another half hour of "bye, bye" before he fell asleep. I even spent part of this time saying, "sleepy time... close your eyes... bye, bye" which normally prompts him to make a genuine attempt to close his eyes and sleep, but tonight only fueled the "bye, bye" madness.

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  1. Hair One is also Callum. He didn't start really speaking until he was 3. We'd be sincerely grateful for some silence now! (he's 14)