01 February 2009

A Milestone of Sorts

I have been reading other parental blogs lately and feel quite insufficiently amusing and witty and wry. Must remind myself that I am not writing this in order to gather fans, but to share some warm moments with faraway family and friends.

So get ready to feel all warm and fuzzy as I tell you that... Callum has now successfully used the potty twice in the last week. I have no idea what is going on, as we are not actually trying to potty train him right now. But just by chance, twice now I have happened to guess that he was about to poo, and sat him on the potty. Meanwhile, he is still happily weeing on the floor when left nude for more than two or three minutes, and certainly doesn't seem inclined to let us know when he needs to do some business.

As for talking -- he has been getting more and more vocal, but still talking his own language most of the time. Lately he's started saying "uh-oh!" quite often, which sounds very cute. Other than that, he tends to blurt out words when surrounded by a few other people talking, as if he's been following the conversation in his head and couldn't help joining in. I feel as if one day, he will suddenly break out with a fully fledged sentence.


  1. You're lucky, this past week Heather has pooed in the tub three times. Twice in one bath, even. : ) And... Heathers latest word (she has a few already) is 'more', for food. If she runs out, you're sure to get an insistent 'more' if you're slow on the refill.

  2. You're lucky. In the past week, Heather has pooed in the tub, three times. : )

    Also, she has a new word now... 'more', when she wants more food.