31 January 2008

Time to Chow Down

Callum is not quite six months old yet (the age recommended for starting solids) but he's been so demanding that I decided this week to get started with some banana. Unlike Anya, who initially just let the food bubble out of her mouth, Callum immediately got into the swing of things and ate everything I gave him (about a tablespoon). Today was the fourth day and I decided to give him a lot more -- three tablespoons -- and to my surprise he ate it all. Occasionally, he stopped and winced as if the taste were weird, but he kept eating.

The first week you're supposed to do just one meal per day, but the boy is so keen I'm tempted to skip right to having three or four meals! (A meal being one to three tablespoons, at this age.) I can't wait to give him some veggies... maybe then Anya will get back into eating them! She used to eat all sorts when she was a baby, but now will only eat peas and corn (other veggies go in hiding in pasta sauces and the like).

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