13 January 2008

Look at ME! Watch ME!

Being on holiday with the family was great -- swimming at the beach every day (even if it was raining) -- and lots of people to play with Anya and hold Callum. There were times that I found myself wandering around the place WITHOUT ANYTHING TO DO. Amazing. We were there for two weeks, then had to go home since David was going back to work.

One thing Anya learned from her cousins was the catch-cry "Look at me! Watch me, watch me!" They tried to teach her to do a forward roll, but she found it too intimidating. She can, however, do some stuff they can't, because she's so flexible: stand on one leg and lift the other out straight by holding her foot with her hand (just like a yoga pose); slide into the splits; downward dog yoga pose (hands and feet on the floor with heels touching the ground). She can also jump great distances and hop (very briefly) on one leg. All this jumping has made her legs really strong, and she can even run uphill now.

It's funny to watch her run, as she hunches her shoulders slightly and lumbers from side to side like a football player. She also sometimes prances through on tiptoe, which makes her hair bounce fetchingly. It's such gorgeous hair, I'm jealous! Her hair is so long now, and she speaks so well, she often seems more like a four year old than a two year old. It's hard to remember she's a toddler when I need to discipline her for misbehaving.

I introduced the "yelling room" because she's been yelling so much. I told her she can yell as much as she likes, but I don't want to listen to it. So she can go into her room, close the door, and yell. Her cousins thought this was a great idea and would often join in.

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