22 January 2008

Running With Scissors

Not quite running with scissors, but I did slip and fall. I was going down the back steps, which were slippery with rain, and carrying Callum -- then mostly focussed on protecting him when I started to fall. X-rays showed that I had fractured my tailbone. Hence the dearth of blog entries. I can't sit comfortably and I'm a bit sleep deprived as well since lying down is not too restful either. There's not a lot of useful treatment for this type of injury (you can't set a tailbone) so I just have to put up with the pain. The doctor recommends I wait and see how I'm going in three months. Not a great injury to have when one has a 7.5 kg boy and 15 kg girl to handle!

I do have quite a few journal notes that I want to type into this blog, and will be back-dating them, so for Anya/Callum fans out there, please read back for entries since Xmas to see if you missed anything.

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