10 January 2008

Always Laughing

Callum's first laugh was November 20th (yes, I wrote it down!) and he's been laughing so much ever since. He used to only laugh if we kissed his tummy and laughed at him, like he needed company to laugh. Lately he's been laughing if we just laugh with him (no tickling) and then January 8th he laughed after falling asleep. I was so amused by this that I chuckled, and hearing my laugh got him laughing some more (still in his sleep). Amazing!

No talking yet, just cooing -- I'm still waiting for the first "da-da-da" (that was Anya's first syllable).

In other milestones, he rolled over for the first time on January 5th, and since then has been practicing it every chance he gets. Still no good at rolling back again (from tummy to back), though, and he only rolls on one side. I also discovered that if I placed something solid at his feet, he could scoot along on his tummy with his mighty leg kicks. Without any help he can also wriggle a little bit, but has not yet worked out that he needs to dig his toes in. The boy is definitely on the move and keen to get going.

He also grabs all sorts of things now quite well. I have to be careful what I leave near him now. This morning I was eating from a bowl, and he was grabbing the rim (I let him) then he managed to grab some of the food (yikes!) It's fun to lie face to face with him and let him explore my face.

I'm still feeding Callum through the night, maybe because he sleeps with me, which makes it easy for him to demand a feed. Anya started sleeping through from 20 weeks and I was hoping the same would happen with Callum. He even weighs more than she did, which should help with sleeping through, but no such luck. (Boys weigh more than girls anyway, but his current weight matches her weight at 3 months older!) I'm now holding on to hope that starting solids (at 6 months) will help him sleep through. There is no way I can go back to work if I'm still waking through the night and only getting total of about five hours' sleep overnight, unless I get to have a midday siesta.

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