22 September 2006


David's been away for a week, fishing with his brother and a friend. He just got back this afternoon. All week Anya was talking about Daddy -- every time she saw something that makes her think of him, like his stuff, or his side of the bed, or heard a sound outside that might mean that he was out there. David says she looks more grown up to him -- she's definitely doing more new things, like asking for the Wiggles DVD.

It's been a tough week for me and I hope to get to sleep in at least once this weekend. I got less and less sleep with each passing day this week, partly due to Anya and partly due to work-related insomnia. David peeked into her mouth at dinnertime and discovered that Anya has another tooth (#5) up top, which is probably the reason for her rough sleeps this week.

Tuesday was my mum-in-law's birthday, so I made a cake and invited everyone over as a suprise for her, since 2 of her 3 sons were away fishing! She wasn't really that surprised as she'd been half-hoping for everyone to come around anyway. The cake was a success -- moist chocolate with white chocolate custard poured into carved-out holes, then refrigerated and topped with chocolate ganache.

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