07 October 2006

Changes Imminent

A lot has happened since my last post and a lot is happening soon! Family: negative result on the IVF cycle, but due to try again soon (we have 3 embryos left from the egg pick-up and fertilisation). Work: someone sort of offhandedly offered me a job, I pursued discussions, and they should get back to me soon with a firm offer. Home: David has pushed ahead with getting builders and architects to visit us, to discuss renovations for our house, so we'll be committing to a course of action soon (yikes!)

Foremost in my thoughts recently is my work/life balance, as
I feel quite tired all the time, and at the same time constantly yearn to spend more time with Anya. Meanwhile, I actually like working, but have gotten burned out on my current role. At the same time, when I'm with Anya, she's so full throttle that I get tired out and wish I could get a break! Oh, if only I were rich and could have a nanny and work only as many hours as I felt like...

In any case, I'm very hopeful that this prospective job turns out to be as imagined. It's with a software company that makes hydraulic modelling software that I've used in both my current and last jobs. This would mean getting to focus more on my favorite aspect of work, computer analysis, plus getting to deliver training, also something I enjoy. Even if this doesn't pan out, it's made me think about what I really enjoy in my work.

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