31 October 2006


Spending the week "up the coast" at the family beach unit with Anya and Raema (Anya's grandma & my mum-in-law). David, unfortunately, couldn't take a week off work and is waiting until the weekend to join us, if the weather holds.

I didn't realise until settling in to write this that it's Halloween today! It's been sun and beach for 4 straight days, so it's hard to believe that it's dark and spooky on the other side of the planet.

Anya's vocabulary has just exploded this week - I tried to write down all her new words, but there are so many now that a list is meaningless. Some sources say that they are learning 90 words a day at this age, and I can believe it.

The main word of the week is pasta (often lazily pronounced as "pa-pa") which Anya insistently requests at every meal and snack break, while encouragingly patting the fridge door. She even asked for some as part of her effort to postpone bedtime. I can't believe she can be so cunning at just 18 months old.

Her other obsession is the Wiggles, which she calls "bow-wow" because that's the first song on "Top of the Tots." I have heard her asking, "bow-wow? bow-wow?" and "pa-pa? pa-pa?" so many times now that I hear her voice in my sleep...

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