02 November 2009

Visiting Sodor

Day Out With Thomas

Not being a boy, I can't understand the fascination of Thomas the Tank Engine, but Callum totally loves him. This weekend we made it to a free event (provided by a local councillor) featuring life-sized Thomas, the Fat Controller telling stories, a bouncy castle, and mini train rides, hosted at Anzac Park in Toowong, which has some pretty nifty attractions in its own right such as the longest flying fox I've ever seen in a public park. I was dying to try the flying fox, but had to follow Callum as he trundled full speed down to the slides and fort area. All in all, a great morning out for both Anya and Callum (more photos on flickr here, here and here).


  1. Haha hey I'm a guy and I still don't understand why my brother was so into Thomas as a kid. Though he's long outgrown the fascination with trains, we still have his Thomas bedding set.


  2. The weirdest thing about Thomas to me is that I certainly can't tell the difference between all the different trains on the show. There's even one whose colour and markings are identical to Thomas's except for the number on his side.