11 November 2009

Beach Time!

We went to beach this weekend, and by happy coincidence, so did our in-laws. They have two sons, aged 5 and 10, and Anya and Callum both had a great time hanging out with their cousins. It was really interesting to see Callum in a different light as he did "boy" things with his cousins like throwing a ball back and forth. We also enjoyed a family dinner all together which felt cosy and homey.

Anya's shining moment was the second day of our mini-holiday, as she got into the waves and caught some "shoots," as the family calls them. She was so thrilled with her achievement that, even though she was shivering violently (it was a somewhat windy day), she insisted on going back in for more.

David was injured -- not while swimming, but rather while reconnecting various devices to the TV. Now he looks as if he's been boxing, with a nifty gash on his eyebrow. Please won't some genius invent a better way to install AV equipment than crawling around the back of the furniture?

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