23 November 2009

Two Days in the Sun

To everyone living on the "top side" of the globe: yes, it is glorious summer here! Example: this weekend. Saturday was spent hanging about (literally) at Kangaroo Point, where locals like to rock climb, bike and rollerblade. We managed to do two out of three, and also fit in a barbecue breakfast with friends, as they had organised a 40th birthday celebration. I haven't been up a cliff face in over a year, so it was a slightly nerve-tingling experience. It was also a bit hard to concentrate, as Callum wailed like a banshee the whole time that I was aloft -- he didn't like my going up there! David had a turn as well, and could be heard commenting several times, "I might fall on this bit..." I told his belayer, "Don't worry, he says that all the time."

Anya achieved a personal best, riding her bicycle (with training wheels) along the bike path, making it her first real bike ride -- previous efforts have been cut extremely short with her hopping off her bike after just a few pedal pushes. Callum, meanwhile, tried out his scooter, but has only ever pushed it across the kitchen before, so he soon decided walking was more effective. We were all pretty red-faced after the very hot morning out, and had to cool off with chilled water baths at home.

Sunday was spent over at our in-laws, who have a pool and air-conditioning. Bliss! We had a mid-morning swim, and a big family lunch, then just as I was reluctantly concluding that we ought to head home, I got the brilliant idea of asking permission to stay. Callum had his afternoon nap on the big queen bed, and Anya jumped back into the pool for a second round of swimming. She was in heaven, especially because her cousins and a house guest (3 young teenaged girls + 1 ten-yr-old boy) played with her all day. It is really wonderful to see how confident she is in the water nowadays.

David and I, being the OLDIES we now are, each fell asleep at some point briefly in the afternoon, but that, too, was all to the good.

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