29 September 2009

School Lunch Mix-n-Match

As I was contemplating the upcoming "Lunch Box Days" which Kindercraft has scheduled to introduce the older kids to the idea of packed lunches (since Anya and her friends will all be starting school next year), I stumbled across this excellent article: What Do Other Countries Eat For School Lunch

This article, too, was quite interesting: What Chef's Kids Eat

I was very inspired by another site about Japanese lunches, Bento Gallery, which says that Japanese often plan the dinner meal around what would make good leftovers for including in the lunch box. I wish I had the nerve to give Anya a bento lunch (rice! vegetables! chicken!) but I fear she would much prefer a sandwich like all the other little Aussies. Maybe I can make her an Aussie bento lunch with her favorites to introduce the concept: boiled egg, avocado, pasta shapes, cheese & fruit pieces.


  1. Here are 2 links for you...
    not that I manage to pack my kids anything so creative most days but I'm working on it. and working on reducing the amount of disposable containers I pack too...

  2. Thanks, Jill! Food has to be one of my favorite things to think about and I hope the daily grind of preparing lunches as well as dinners doesn't dilute my joy. I also picked up a great tip from the Australian "Master Chef" winner's interview in a local magazine: she said she makes a big batch of sandwiches for the week and keeps them in the freezer ready to throw in the lunch box. Too bad I am not a sandwich lover (except for big fancy ones).