28 September 2009

Let's Go Swimming!

Swimming weather is definitely upon us. This weekend we went swimming at Don's (the family was actually away so we just went to the back yard) and both kids loved getting a dip after a hot and dusty day, even though the water was so cold. I encouraged them to swim around but they mainly enjoyed jumping in over and over. They also were too tempted by the inflatable boat I'd brought along, so we only had a short swim before they were shivering violently (while still wanting to stay in).

Last weekend we went to the beach and Anya started catching waves -- very exciting. She was just in the very shallow water but it was thrilling that she was getting into it, instead of fussing about the waves hitting her. David loves to bodysurf. Personally I find the waves a bit strong here and prefer what David calls "boring" days (when the waves are very small). I also love when I can just float in the water without worrying about getting saltwater up my nose or a rip tide pulling me away -- I'm not really into the surfing part, I just like to relax in the water. I was embarassed (during the weekend) to be asked by a young surfer if I needed help -- he misinterpreted my lolling about for inexpert swimming.


  1. What a difference a few degrees of latitude make. Last weekend, in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, we were throwing snowballs at each other, so Heather got to see and feel her first snow, and I hit her with her first snowball, too. : )

  2. I did notice Heather has been dressed warmly in your photos and videos, and thought what a contrast to our kids running around in shorts and singlets... Did you build a snowman? Our in-laws are on a ski trip at the moment.