01 September 2009

Queen of the Non Sequitur

Here are two recent conversations with Anya, both of which made me think, "What the?!"

First, in the car as we all were starting the day (kids going to Kindercraft, us going to work)...

Anya: Dad, why do you have a purple shirt?
David: Does this look purple to you? It looks blue to me.
(I look over. Yep, baby blue with yellow pinstripes.)
Anya: DAD, why do you have a purple shirt?
David: I don't have a purple shirt, I have a blue shirt.

Anya: No Dad, why do you have a purple shirt AT HOME?

Second, in the car as I was taking Anya to circus class (David and Callum stayed home)...

Elaine: You know Anya, I am a little sad that you're growing up. Do you know why?
Anya: Mmmm?
Elaine: I miss taking care of you - when you were little. I miss my baby Anya, even though I'm proud of my big strong Anya.
(Long pause, during which I imagine Anya is pondering this and coming up with a poignant response.)
Anya: If a big giant comes, I will bop him on the nose!


  1. I love the bop on the nose. She is being protective of you.


  2. Since she was little we have said that a bop on the nose is the way to fight off a monster, and I have often wondered if she will, upon growing up, translate this to actual bopping (crocodiles, sharks, muggers...)