30 June 2009

Ouch! My feelings!

Lately when I drop Anya and Callum off at daycare, Anya is quite happy to immediately start playing with her friends, and barely shows any interest in me. There is a fun little thing she likes when I leave, though (after handing a loudly protesting Callum over to one of the extremely kind staff). I close the gate to her room, then she comes over and gets a kiss through the bars.

If her friend Amelia is there, Anya invites her to come get a kiss too. The last time this happened, Anya warned her, "After you get a kiss, wipe the slobber off." (Fact check: I actually have very dry lips, which David has complained about more than once.) Also a few times she's said, "No, I don't want a kiss today, I don't want to get your smell on me." (!!! I have no idea what this one means!)


  1. *lyrical taunting* You have smelly slobber, you have smelly slobber! hehehehe

    Just kidding. Now, when I drop Heather off at Daycare, we play for a while and then I tell her it's time for Daddy to go to work. I typically get one of two responses, either a clingy child, who, when I pry her from me and pass her to a carer, she begins to cry, making me feel terrible, OR, I become immediately redundant and get nary a backward glance as she's off to play. I'm not sure which is a worse feeling.

    I have to admit that occasionally she gives Daddy a kiss while being handed off and we say 'Bye Bye' and all is good in the world, but those days seem rare, and are treasured.

  2. We drive in, park, say good-bye to David, then head up via the lift. So David gets the wonderful good-bye... no clinging, just enthusiastic bellowing "bye bye Daddeeee!" over and over until we can't see each other any more.