29 June 2009

Cooking the Chef

David had the brilliant idea for a dinner party where each guest would bring a dish from The Cook and The Chef. We decided his birthday was the perfect excuse, and invited everyone over this Saturday evening. The eclectic, but tasty, menu included:

Beetroot, Cannellini & Pear Dip with Rosemary Chickpea Crispbread
Bitter Green Salad
Treasure's Lamb and Pickled Quince Pies
Thai Chicken Stir Fry
Buffalo Mozzarella Souffle
Chocolate Almond and Prune Slab
Vietnamese Coffee

We also brought out several bottles that have been "cellared" under our house in the crawl space (like most timber Queensland homes, our house is elevated about 3 ft above the ground, which helps it stay cool and also deters termites). Yummm... there was a 1996 Jamieson's Run, a 1995 Wynn's Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon, and to finish, we shared a port that David bought in Solvang, the year that we started our relationship (1996). The Jamieson's Run was stunning. I can't believe we originally bought it for $10/bottle.

Anya and Callum slept over at their grandma's house, so they had a special time as well (and we got to stay up late and sleep in!)

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