25 April 2009

Game No. 2

Until now, our main game (which I might have mentioned before) has been to re-enact scenes from Jack and the Beanstalk. Even David has been roped in, often to proclaim, "Fee fi fo fum!" Today we did the story from start to finish, with Anya changing horses mid-stream to play whichever role she felt was having the best action, even becoming the beanstalk a couple of times. Callum watched the whole play, and joined in by offering me food whenever Anya (as the giant's wife) offered me (Jack) food.

While "Jack" is good fun, since the story is so classic, I was pleased this week that Anya seemed to start a new interest in pirates and treasure hunting. This afternoon we took turns being blindfolded and "hunting" for treasure strewn on the rug (everyday objects we had designated as "treasure"). After finding the treasure a few times, Anya then gathered them up and "buried" them (under my desk) and I helped her make a Pirate Treasure Map. Then we followed the map to find the treasure.

The amusing part is, she didn't quite understand that a dotted line just means a path on a map, so she pretended she was seeing each dot on the floor as we walked around, and pointed them out as landmarks that we were on the right trail.

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