12 April 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter Egg Hunt

We had a great time watching Anya and Callum hunting around the house this morning for hidden Easter eggs. One got the biggest laugh when it was found under "Jingly Bunny" (Anya's current favorite toy). It was really nice to see the kids so excited and cooperating: Anya would hang back when we asked her to let Callum "find" the eggs, and Callum was very good about putting all the ones he found into the carry bag that Anya was collecting them all into. Anya then surprised us by finding more when we thought all the eggs had been discovered.

After breakfast, it was time for the Giant's lunch... Sandwiches! This is one of our favorite games, where the giant's wife (usually me) makes lunch for the giant, and he comes stomping in, "Fee fi fo fum, where's my lunch?" Then the lunch runs away...

The Giant's Lunch

The rest of the Rees are up the coast at Peregian Beach, but we don't feel that we're missing out that much, since it has been drizzly all weekend. Tomorrow a lot of friends are coming over for brunch, which will be a lovely way to finish off the four-day weekend.

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  1. Perfect day! I love the giant's lunch idea. Am going to steal it!