23 April 2009

Mixed Messages

The scene: Callum’s just had a bottle instead of finishing his dinner (pasta, which he normally loves, but this time started flinging around the room) because I thought he needed to get something in his tummy to calm him down. Afterwards, I thought perhaps some proper food would help.

Elaine: Would you like some bread? Or cheese?

Callum: Bed.

Elaine: Okay, I’ll get you some bread. [Starts to get the bag open.]

Callum: Chee.

Elaine: Cheese? You want cheese? [Pauses bread maneuver.]

Callum: Bed.

Elaine: Bread? So you DO want some bread?

Callum: Chee.

Elaine: Here you go, here’s some bread.

Callum: T'ank-oo. [Takes the bread and wanders back to his spot in the lounge room, where he gobbles up the bread like a POW.]

1 comment:

  1. Cute, maybe he wanted bread with cheese?

    The thing being towed on my blog was... a... hmm. Good question. It looked like a nasty old floating dock with a saggy roof. Anyway, it's gone now and we don't have to look at it anymore! : )