02 August 2006

IVF Round 2

I went back to see Dr. Kilvert this morning, who guided us through IVF last time. It certainly felt odd knowing that I was committing to possibly being pregnant again by early September. However, as David pointed out, we were very lucky last time in succeeding right away. Still, it's nervewracking. I don't feel ready, but I didn't feel ready for Anya, either!

For my birthday (tomorrow) I'd decided I wanted to go whale watching. We last went a few years ago as a present for Raema (David's mum) to celebrate her 70th birthday and found it quite exhilarating. Due to work pressures I didn't have time to make a booking until today, so I was very happy to find out that places were still available on the boat for this Friday.

I also got motivated and went to the gym after work tonight. It was my first visit in months. I had to give up spending the evening with Anya, though. It's really hard having to choose between Anya time and health time...

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