12 August 2006

Census 2006

The Australian Census was conducted this week (8 August). I completed my form on-line. It took a long time to fill out for all three of us! I do wonder sometimes about people who design official on-line forms. Despite some good features (such as simply clicking "Same as Question 1" for additional address questions, for example) this form was, as usual, slow to get through because you had to page through so often. Why are the forms designed this way? Why can't they fit more questions (or all the questions, come to think of it) on one page? It would be to their benefit as well as ours to design forms that are faster to go through. (I know, there are probably reasons like data validation and suitability for sight-impaired users, but surely there are work-arounds that could be implemented, rather than encumbering all users with a dinosaurian process.)

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