11 July 2006

Pressure Cooker

Today's dinner was made in the pressure cooker. Seemed like an apt metaphor for how life's been lately. Lots of ingredients, but it all tastes the same at the end. I can't wait for my boss to get back from China so I can stop acting as manager!

I had a small break today meeting David at a jewelry store at lunchtime. We were looking for a replacement wedding ring for the one he's misplaced.
It was interesting... we definitely don't have the same taste. I like different, but simple & subtle (stripes & waves); David likes different, but noticeably different (knots, links & puzzles).

After trying every ring in their extensive collection, he still hadn't taken a shine to anything. Later in the afternoon he emailed me to say that he'd stopped by a further four stores after we parted, and realised that the first store had, by far, the best selection. So he went back there again!

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