22 July 2006

Brr! Canberra

I visited Canberra this week for two days. Its daytime high, 10°C (50°F), was lower than Brisbane’s overnight low, 11°C. Brr! I was there to look at Scrivener Dam, which impounds Lake Burley Griffin. Touring the control gallery inside the dam was especially cold, as the masses of concrete acted as a perfect heat sink. I was pretty impressed with the second exit added recently which was drilled through the solid concrete at the far end of the dam to provide a virtually vertical climb out (we didn’t try it).

I called home to say hi to David and give Anya the thrill of talking to me on the phone. I think she was rather indifferent until she recognised my voice, but then accidentally put me on hold (something that neither David nor I know how to do!) I had to call back, and by then she’d lost all interest. And I was so looking to forward to hearing her say “oyley-o?” to me…

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