23 July 2006

Married Again!

No, it's not what you think. It's just that David finally picked out a replacement wedding ring today. It's tricolour with three separate hoops that run in parallel except where they intertwine on top. I found myself admiring it all afternoon as I happened to glimpse his hand.

I've been feeling sort of unmarried ever since it became apparent (over a year ago now) that David had misplaced his wedding ring and was going around barehanded. We still have to get the new ring resized, so he's wearing it on his middle finger for now. So, in a way, I am still not back to feeling fully married yet.

We got the ring in Fortitude Valley, where we went this afternoon to buy all our special, weird foods (the ones that make other people say, "you ate what? where did you get that?") Our purchases included sweet potato noodles, japanese seaweed and various sorts of steamed buns. Speaking of odd foods, on the "Iron Chef" tonight (Sole Battle!), Iron Chef Sakai (the French one) garnished a dish with deep fried corn silk! And it tasted good, judging from all reactions. Naturally, it didn't hurt that the dish included lobster and truffle...

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