06 June 2011

Pose in Boots

Anya's birthday boots got their first outing today.  I decided to take a photo to show Helen, who has nominated herself "the Shoe Auntie" and gives Anya shoes every year.  (This year she even gave Anya two pairs, as she couldn't decide which ones to get.  Anya loves them both.)

This is the first photo:
Best Buddies, Today

Then I asked Callum to let me take one of Anya by herself.  She thought this a worthy pose:
Hey There!

Callum wanted to pose too.  This is his idea of a scary pose (imagine him growling):
Wolverine Takes No Prisoners, Grr!

Last, I asked Anya to twirl for me, and I think this is the best shot:
Anya 20110605 002_crop

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