23 February 2011

The Baby Elves Help Santa

This story was composed by Annike, Anya, Bhavya & Niko just before Christmas.  (They were the four prep kids in Mrs G's composite prep/year 1 class in 2010.)

Once upon a time it was Christmas Eve in Australia.  All the kids were asleep and Santa was at the North Pole packing the presents into the sleigh.  They were for all the kids in the world.

When it was time to go, Santa waved to Mrs Claus and was about to fly away with his reindeer, when suddenly, all of the elves got sick.  Oh no!  Who was going to help Santa now?

Suddenly Mrs Claus had an idea.  Her idea was this: the baby elves would have to help Santa.  So Annika, Anya, Bhavya and Niko got into Santa's sleigh.  Anya was very scared.  Niko was bouncy as usual.  Annika was brave.  And Bhavya was excited.

"Let's go!" said Santa and off they went.

First they went to Mrs G's house and Santa ate all the cookies and drank the milk, and the reindeer ate the carrots.  And Mrs G had left chocolates for the baby elves.  They ate them all up.  They were delicious and nutritious.

Then they delivered all the presents around the world and went back to the North Pole.  They went to bed.  They were very tired.  But when it was morning they helped around the house.

They were the best baby elves in the whole world.  And - by the way - the big elves got better.

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