31 January 2011

This year as usual Anya and Callum met Santa at the Myer department store in our local shopping centre.  I love that it's relatively low key and the kids didn't have to wait ages.  In any case they were almost more interested in looking at all the toys on the shelves than the Santa moment!  Callum's most repeated phrase these days is "Sometime will you buy me... ?"

We had Christmas Eve with the extended family, then Christmas at home by ourselves.  Luckily this included some of our extended family as they dropped by on their way to see their other in-laws for Christmas.  So it felt like we had two Christmases!

Shortly after Boxing Day, we packed up and headed to the family units for a two week holiday -- another family tradition.  My nieces and nephews are getting more mature now, but still make time for Anya and Callum.  The girls love doing Anya's Rapunzel-like tresses into various hairdos, and everyone indulges Callum as the last little boy of his generation.

Below are a few recent fun pics -- you can see more on flickr.

Batman swims

Ferocious grin

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  1. Anya really loves the T-shirt you two made. How cool.