01 October 2009


If you know me at all, you know that I love food. Unlike most people who love food, I don't even have a love-hate relationship with food, just love (and mutual respect). There was a time when having lunch out was an essential part of my day, and I also loved having dinner out when I could swing it. I like to think that some of my reviews got into the LA Zagat Guide.

However, I am finding that with my current work-life balance, although it's generally working out well, there doesn't seem to be time for food.

This is what I find myself doing lately: in the morning, I stand in the kitchen sipping my coffee and snatching bites of breakfast, partly because I am barraged with a continuous interrupting stream of requests for more food or drink or intervention from our kids, and partly because if I sit down, I am very likely not going to get to eat all of it (food on grown-ups' plates is oh so much tastier!) The only way out of this maze is to either prepare a giant quantity of something that we can all eat at the same time (pancakes are great for that but really only plausible on weekends), or skip it altogether and wait until I can eat in the relative tranquility of my office.

At work, where I only have six hours to focus, I tend to feel so far behind all the time that I just make a sandwich on the spot (I keep supplies at work to make going-home sandwiches for the kids), or I duck out and buy something that I bring back, or worst of all, I forget about eating until about 3 pm by which time it is too late to get food from anywhere so I just have a snack.

Luckily, at home we share the meal prep work, so there is a much higher likelihood of my eating a proper meal. If not for this I would probably start to disintegrate with this "food on the run" craziness!

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