05 October 2009

How to Grow Up

Poor little Callum. First, at the start of last week, we decreed that dummies (pacifiers) would only be for sleep time. He coped quite well with that change, to my pleasant surprise. Anya told me she does think he is hitting her more often because "he's frustrated about his dummy." I'm not sure if that's true or if he's just being more aggressive generally.

Next, we cut his hair ourselves. This went all right until he got the urge to rub his nose, and the hair-covered cape was in the way -- you guessed it, the hair got rubbed all over his nose and lips and drove him wild while we tried to finish the haircut.

Last, we bought him some undies and had him wearing them as much as possible. This has resulted in some specatacular puddles, but still is a massive improvement over changing his nappies and handling a smelly nappy bucket. The slogan we are emphasising is "You don't wee on Ben 10!" (His undies feature Ben 10 in a different fist-punching pose on each one.)

So, our little boy is growing up. My heart just melted looking at him this weekend while he was watching TV: undies on, hair cut short, and leaning casually against the lounge with one leg crossed over.

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