29 March 2009

Memory Lane

Uncle Chuck, Aunt Jo, and Us 28-Mar-09

This week, my mother's cousin, whom I know as Aunt Jo, came to visit, as part of a longish holiday she and Uncle Chuck were taking around Australia. She first visited her mother's sister, who lives on the far south side of Brisbane (read: as far from us as possible while still being within the Brisbane region). After spending a few days with Aunt Marion, they met us for dinner, drove Aunt Marion back to the convent (Aunt Marion is a retired sister) and came to stay with us for a few days.

Aunt Jo brought a packet of photos and talked to Aunt Marion about family stories (in between excursions to the Gold Coast) and on their last night with us, she in turn shared those photos and some family stories with me. It was a very special experience, as I have never known very much about the family history on my mother's side.

Usually we see all David's family on a regular basis, but hardly any of my family. So it was also special to have some family from my side spending time with the kids.

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