24 March 2009

Me! Mine!

Having mastered important basic words such as "bye-bye" and "more please" (which at this stage sounds more like "moh pee"), this week Callum has started shouting out "me!" and "mine!" For example when I say, "Who wants some grapes?" it's hard to know whether Callum or Anya is quicker to shout out "Me!" And of course, when playing with just about anything (toys, pens, gadgets, bowls) it is now common to hear Callum insisting "mine!"

On the weekend we set up his new bed in Anya's room and showed it to him. He was not terribly interested -- sat on it briefly then wandered away -- but when I invited Anya to try it out, he knew it was his bed, and immediately cried out, "Mine!" (By the way, he slept in his new bed last night... very exciting for David and me!)

Meanwhile, for the last few weeks, Anya has been writing letters. Or perhaps I should say, she dictates the words to me, then signs her own name and adds artwork. It started with a letter to Grandma because she was missing her. When Anya realised how the postal system works (what?! someone ELSE takes the letter to Grandma after I put the letter in the box? AND we use a special sticker stamp? whee!) and received a letter addressed to her (wow! a letter for ME!) the floodgates opened. So far she has written a letter to her Aunty Wenda, and her cousins Lauren and Jessica. Yesterday she received a letter packed with replies from Lauren, Jessica and a bonus "BOO!" note from her Uncle Don (Lauren and Jessica's dad). I wonder who's next?

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