22 November 2008

Walking Not Dreaming

I see from Paul's blog that Heather is walking! (and she's two months younger than Callum) And here I was all set to announce with trumpet fanfare that Callum has been walking this week. So it is true, boys are slower than girls at walking. All and sundry have repeated this folk wisdom to me. Therefore it must be true... (I don't get it, because at the same time, folk wisdom is that boys are more advanced than girls at physical stuff like climbing.)

He's actually been capable of walking for quite some time, but just too comfortable with having my hands there helping him. So getting him to walk on his own has required a bit of trickery on our part until the small steps increased to multiple steps and from there suddenly this week he's started walking the length of our house (albeit not a very big house).

Yay! No more endless laps of the living room and kitchen for me!

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