04 November 2008

Punching Day

“Dad,” she interrupts our conversation on the way home in the car. “Dad, I have something exciting to tell you.” (We’ve told her many times that she needs to wait her turn to talk.) “Yes? What is it Anya?” “We’re going to have a Punching Day tomorrow!” “What’s Punching Day?” “Punching Day is when we all punch each other until we fall down. Then whoever wins gets a prize!” (A long pause as we imagine a Kindercraft-wide punch-up.) “What?!”

The concept was clarified this morning as David asked, “Anya, could you tell me about Punching Day again? Will everyone at Kindercraft punch everyone else?” (We smirk at each other.) “No, it’s at Mama’s gym!” (The light dawns… she’s made this up out of what I told her about my Saturday morning kickboxing class!)

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