22 October 2008

Jacaranda Season

The jacaranda trees are blooming all over Brisbane at the moment, coloring the skyline purple and lacing the ground with beauty as well. I took all sorts of photos this morning while walking to work because the University of Queensland lakes are a particularly stunning setting -- they have masses of yellow water lilies blooming as well -- unfortunately I couldn't seem to get the right composition to capture the effect. As well, this camera doesn't seem to do purple very well, as if it's automatically adjusting it to a less surreal color or something. I shall have to go try again at lunchtime.

1 comment:

  1. in other places they have sleet,
    tornadoes, locusts, sand storms
    but in my city, it snows purple

    when cicadas drone at dawn
    calling down hot damp days
    and afternoon thunderstorms

    purple crowns the trees
    and drifts over gardens
    across footpaths and over roads

    while uni students zombie
    over final papers and exams
    and kids go trick-or-treat

    flame trees try to compete
    with vivid crimson
    but the jacarandas!

    purple glory arching over brisbane
    proud as ballerinas
    elegant as diamonds