26 October 2008

A Groggy Weekend

We had a very tough weekend -- kids not napping and both of us exhausted by day's end. Seems like Callum may be going from two naps to one nap per day, and Anya is moving toward no nap at all. One benefit hopefully would be to have earlier bedtimes at night, but I really don't know how I can survive a napless day! We indulged ourselves in a lunch outing today and although it didn't alter the napping situation, it helped us both feel a lot more relaxed, so I think we'll be doing more of that!

Anya said something that surprised me yesterday. We were watching In the Night Garden (by the same folk who did the Teletubbies) and she said out of the blue, "I think there's a person inside Iggle Piggle." I replied, "Really? What about Upsy Daisy?" and she said, "I think there's a person inside her." (She also pronounced this in that strange way you can say something tentatively, with a rising inflection at the end of the sentence so that it almost sounds like a question.) I was amazed... I didn't know she would have any idea about them being costumes, although of course it makes sense as she loves "dress-ups."

Meanwhile Callum has been getting us to read books to him (when not indulging in his primary obsession, walking) -- he literally opens my hand, puts a book into it, and inserts himself into my lap. He can point to pictures of cars, dogs and so on when asked. His favorite book is This Old Man...

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