25 August 2008

Life, the Fast Version

I’ve decided to try posting via email from now on. Sadly, I can’t seem to find time to blog properly, so maybe this will work. You’ll notice I started back at work mid-April and stopped posting in May… (except for one or two uploaded photos)… We actually hit a lot of milestones recently which surely merited blog entries, but time continues to shoot past like whitewater rapids, so I’ll just have to recap quickly now:

This weekend Callum’s two top teeth started to break through so he’ll finally have a complete set for biting… he’s already a menace whenever anyone is eating (wants to eat everyone’s food!) Now he’s really set. As for walking, he is still “surfing” the furniture. I’ve tried holding his hands for walks, but so far he only takes a few steps and sits down. Talking consists of babbling although a few times he’s seemed to repeat a sound back, and his main form of communication continues to be laughing (most of the time) and screeching (when he wants something NOW, or is frustratedly trying to remove his shoes and socks).

Anya is starting to be interested in spelling out words, but so far only spells “DANGER” and her own name. She knows “DANGER” from going to the train station and seeing lots of construction sites around town. She’s been pretty indifferent to the Olympics, but it’s been good to introduce her to the idea of physical contests. She’s got a great broad jump, a tiny hop for vertical jumps, and super yoga-quality balancing and flexibility. Going from point A to point B usually involves running enthusiastically or sauntering slowly, with no in-between speed setting possible.

I turned 40 on August 2nd and Callum turned 1 on August 11th. It’s rather unnerving to be confronted so emphatically with the age gap between us (Anya’s birthday is in May, so I tend not to think about it too much, with her). The same week, Brisbane had the “Ekka” (Royal Exhibition), an annual week of agricultural displays and competition which has somehow become popular as a fun fair. We duly went along and showed Anya and Callum all sort of animals and took Anya on some rides, and went home exhausted after just a few hours. Since then we’ve felt a bit partied out, so haven’t been up to much.

What did I do for my big four-oh, you ask? My day started with my usual Saturday morning kickboxing class, after which I went to a beauty salon, where David had arranged for an hour long massage followed by a facial. Then it was home for lunch and naptime (not for me, unfortunately), then over to our in-laws to celebrate more birthdays (my nephew Isaac and niece Jessica). Last, in the evening, we went out to dinner with friends at Mondo Organics, a restaurant whose chef I’ve enjoyed watching on Ready Steady Cook. At day’s end, I collapsed gratefully into bed – really feeling my age.

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