23 August 2008


A quick summary of Callum events (missed when I didn't post anything from May to August...)
21/5 waves back
3/6 gets keen on pulling himself up on furniture to stand
12/6 mimics my actions -- feeling a book, tapping a box
15/6 first tooth
2/7 Callum had been napping -- Raema (David's mum) heard a brief cry, and didn't go in right away; she found Callum crawling out the bedroom door, much to her shock (must have climbed out of his cot from the bassinet insert, across our bed, and somehow got down to the floor) -- we stopped using the bassinet insert!
8/7 loves to point; Anya has been licking his finger to make him laugh
14/7 second tooth
20/7 climbed a full flight of stairs, at Rob's (David's brother) house
27/7 clapping
11/8 first birthday! ...says "ah-ta!" peeking out from behind a cloth; puts things into a box (until now was only pulling them out!)
21/8 hands things to us over and over; loves rummaging in drawers and cupboards
23/8 third tooth (top left)

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