03 December 2007

My Jumping Elf

Anya's changing as quickly as Callum... time seems to be going so quickly.  I just realised this week that she's developed the habit of running from A to B full pelt, then arriving with a jump at the end.  Jumping is also fun across gaps, up steps (still not doing that one properly, but keeps trying), on one leg (while holding on to furniture), up to the sky (while David and I hold her hands and she swings her legs way up) and into the pool.  She's very excited to help Callum jump as well, bouncing him up and down in the Jolly Jumper.
Less engaging habits lately include yelling songs at the top of her lungs, doing exactly what I've just asked her not to, and other typical toddler behaviour... luckily for me I haven't yet experienced a public tantrum, although David has: while carrying Callum in a sling, holding Anya's tricycle in one hand, and trying to get Anya to keep moving through the shopping mall (in aid of giving me a break at home).

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