30 December 2007

More Anya Tales

Anya's been going to swimming lessons since late October, and swims at Don's (David's brother) and Newmarket Pool (a great local pool with slides and fun pools) quite often. So I guess it's no suprise that her first comment upon finding Mrs. Incredible in the doctor's toy basket, with super-stretched arms, was, "She can do BIG ARMS -- BIG ARMS!" (this is the way they teach them to do freestyle/forward crawl).

Another moment that really made David laugh happened when he took her shopping. He likes to cycle with her, towing her in a trailer, and puts the groceries in the trailer for the ride home. Since we live at the top of a hill, the last leg is pretty tough with all the extra weight. He was panting heavily on the upward climb, and didn't answer Anya when she tried to talk to him. "Daddy? Daddy?" she called. "Can't -- talk -- right -- now --" he gasped back. Once home, he stopped in the driveway and panted some more. "Daddy! Why are you hah-ing? Stop hah-ing! I want to talk to you!"

The naughty spot has been in force for a while now, but Anya still doesn't quite understand (or doesn't want to understand?) that we put her on there for a set time, and don't talk to her while she's on it. Recently I had to try really hard not to laugh: she told me she was ready to say sorry, but time wasn't up yet. I simply reminded her, "No talking, time isn't up yet," and she said forcefully, "Unggh! I HATE the naughty spot!" and smacked the wall with her hand. I had to go away because I was afraid I was going to laugh... (Yes dear, that's the point of the naughty spot!)

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