06 September 2007

Story of the Day

I went into Anya's room this afternoon after she'd been napping for about 2 hours. I thought she'd probably wake up, but I really needed to get something. Sure enough, after I'd taken a few steps into the room, she opened her eyes as if she'd been awake all along, and looked at me steadily.

"Hi sweetie," I greeted her. "Did you have a nice sleep?"

She took the dummy out of her mouth and proclaimed, "Steve really likes crocodiles!" while waving her index finger at me.

I don't know how she'll take it when she learns that Steve Irwin isn't with us any more... he's a favorite of hers from Wiggles videos and Bindi Irwin's afternoon show!

1 comment:

  1. As young as she is, the departure of our dear Crocodile Hunter may not even impact her consciousness for years. He's a character on TV, which means he's pretty far removed from being alive or dead to her in any real way.

    She's right, though-- Steve really likes crocodiles!