24 September 2007

Baby Stories

At present, I don't have any Callum stories that don't involve poo. So I'll just leave it to your imagination... and if you have no idea what I'm talking about then you should feel lucky...

By the way, Callum is now 4.65 kg (10 lb 5 oz), which is 60 g more than Anya at the same age.

As for Anya stories, she is getting so grown up. We have such involved conversations that I sometimes forget that she's only two years old. Here is a David and Anya story from last week:

David: Can I have a hug?
Anya moves in close as if about to snuggle his chest, then bites him.
David: OW!
Anya: Sorry, Daddy. We should take you to the doctor, so he can put ice on your nipple.
David laughs heartily at this very cute idea.
Anya bursts into tears at this inappropriate reaction to her sincere suggestion.

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