11 June 2007

Mothers Group 2nd Birthday Party

My mothers' group is still meeting -- apparently this is quite unusual! We had a group party for all the kids today. Susan organised the venue booking and made the birthday cakes while Terri and I made up the party bags (Chinese noodle boxes with pens, stickers, toys and small treats). Rather than one big cake, there was one decorated cupcake for each child, and they were all decorated differently. You can see them at the bottom of the photo.

The party was a great success. We had it at the Everton Park Hotel (for you non-Aussie readers out there, that's a pub!) It doesn't seem like a hotel would be a kid-friendly party venue, but it was fantastic. They have a large fenced playground, video gameroom (more fun for the dads than the kids at this stage), and musical carousel. (You can spot my reflection in the carousel's central post, upper left in the photo.) Anya's favourite spot was the pretend shop. That's her at the cash register and Terri sitting to the left, with Terri's daughter Sienna at the back table and Will as the customer at the right.

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