11 May 2007

Cot Shenanigans

Today I rearranged Anya's room so that she could sleep on a futon on the floor, instead of in her cot (crib). She'd taken really easily to the floor futon while visiting Paul & Teresa so I thought it was a good opportunity to make the change. Besides I'd had the feeling for quite some time that it was the right time to change out of the cot. I actually had to take quite a few pieces of furniture out of the room to make enough room, so I was proud of myself for accomplishing it on my own (with Anya's supervision).

The funny part of the story is that
when David came home, he tried to move the cot out of the room. I hadn't been able to do it, so I stranded it near the door. I couldn't figure it out until I remembered that we'd originally moved it in there by removing the door first. (Just that extra inch of squeeze space made all the difference.) David thought, though, that if he just tried hard enough, the cot would squeeze through. All that happened was that the cot got stuck halfway in and halfway out!

Meanwhile, Anya was inside the room (she'd been "showing" David her new room arrangement) and we were outside it, and the wheels had fallen off two of the legs thanks to all the shoving and jiggling... and it was almost bedtime! We performed an emergency door removal and got it all sorted out in time, thank goodness.

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