13 February 2007

First Scan

We had our first scan today. I had to drink 600 ml of water an hour ahead of time (and hold it). The appointment was for 9 am but I think I didn't get in until 9:45 or 10, so I was in dire straits!

Besides that the scan went really well. Perhaps it was better equipment this time, or just experience, but we could easily interpret what we were seeing compared to our first scan of Anya. Arms moving around, legs bicycling, even the hand rubbing the face (sucking the thumb already?!) The baby kept turning too, but never in the right direction, so the technician had some trouble getting the necessary measurements (back of the neck).

She let me relieve myself (what a relief!) hoping that would prompt the baby to move into a more helpful position. We eventually got the measurements by a combination of the baby moving a little and me lying on a slant. The measured risk result was very good (equivalent to a teenager's baseline) so we are continuing without any invasive testing.

I read somewhere that stronger morning sickness is statistically linked to a higher successful pregnancy rate, so I must console myself with that thought, as I am still not really enjoying eating or drinking. Meanwhile, three mothers in my mothers' group have had second babies already and one other is expecting in six weeks. I wonder who's next?

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