08 January 2007

Koalas to Bandicoots

Today Anya started back at Kindercraft. She's been moved from the Koalas room (babies) to Bandicoots (toddlers). It's another milestone in her growing up! Luckily for us, her natural schedule actually matches the toddlers' eating and sleeping schedule, so the only real difference will be sleeping on a low cot rather than in a crib. I learned at the end of the day that she'd slept an hour, so it seems that the change of sleeping venue didn't worry her at all.

Meanwhile, I'm not working yet this week, but I took the bus out to the University of Queensland, just to see how long it would really take, and familiarise myself with the bus stop location and how to get to the office (located in the Engineering building). It was so strange to be wandering around a campus again. A friendly student escorted me to the Engineering building, and he took me on a shortcut through a building (which I would have no hope of remembering). There is definitely a distinctive university aroma
-- is it books? Chalk? Chemicals? Dust?

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